When to Go

As far as weather goes, there really isn’t a bad time to visit the Canary Islands. These seven islands boast a mild climate year-round: The annual average temperature is 72 degrees and there’s roughly 3,000 hours of sunlight a year.

Though wintertime is slightly cooler, the isles offer a welcome break from the rest of Europe’s cold temperatures. Looking to warm up, travelers often choose December through March to head to the Canaries; this is the busiest season here. During July and August it is also bustling since Europeans vacation during those months.

The Canary Islands are often featured on cruises that include Western Mediterranean itineraries, departing from cities such as Rome or Barcelona. For this reason -- and especially if you are staying a few days in a mainland European city before setting sail -- it's best to check the weather in the other ports as well.

If you’re looking to make your vacation more festive, consider taking your trip during one of the islands’ yearly events. Join in the revelry of Carnival in February and March, check out the competition at the Cesar Manrique Trophy boat race in October or watch the colors fly at the International Kite Festival in November. 

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